6 Things I Learned About Having a Breakthrough Moment

This video went viral in 2019. Five-year-old Phoenix was struggling to “breakthrough” a board his instructor was holding. Most of his class had already completed their goal and were holding two pieces of wood to prove it. I LOVE this video.

1. We need to lean on others when we find ourselves unable to make it alone.

Phoenix was admitting to his instructor that he can’t do it. Saying, “I can’t do it.” is something we are encouraged not to do. It’s the white flag of surrender. But that’s not what this was. Phoenix said he can’t do it and remained in place. It was his way of asking for help. Breakthroughs are hard. Admit you need help and can’t do it on your own.

2. Cheer others on when a task is easier for you than others. You may need the favor returned in the future.

Our peers or class aren’t always the most supportive. Let’s face it when others struggle, and you succeed, you rank higher. You can still rank higher while being a good teammate or person. When the kids began to cheer and chant, Phoenix’s name it was truly amazing. It gave me chills, and honestly, it was unexpected. Kids are honest. They saw the struggle and offered help in the only way they knew how.

3. Listen to those who are trying to help you and offer support.

The instructor continually teaching and explaining how to break the board is worthy of its own video moment. The instructor knows why the board isn’t breaking. He isn’t hitting it hard enough, and he isn’t hitting the board with his heel. “Hit it with your heel. You aren’t listening. Yes, you can do it. Look at me. You have to hit it hard; you cannot hit it light, you have to hit it hard.” When we aren’t finding success, it’s hard to remember the steps we were taught to accomplish the task. In a defeated state, we don’t always do it the right way or listen to advise. Do it right, and you will breakthrough.

4. Let’s face it. Some breakthroughs are going to happen with tears in your eyes.

Some breakthrough moments require all the emotional strength you can offer. Your will, grit, and determination will be tested. But it’s worth it. Quit before you can breakthrough, and you are left with the pain and struggle you endured without the reward.

5. You have people in your corner who believe in you.

We have people in our lives that may never truly get the ins and outs of our creative space or understand what we are working so hard to achieve. But, they believe in you. The dad is there, spectating and cheering on his son. He yells, “You can do anything.” That could have been the motivation Phoenix needed to give it one more try.

6. Celebrate your breakthrough!

The group tackling Phoenix in support and happiness is what it’s all about. Yes, he finally broke the board, but Phoenix also proved to himself that he could do something that he didn’t think he could do. Every success and breakthrough deserves to be celebrated. Finally, Phoenix knew what those kids cheering him on already knew, that he could do it. “I told you, you could do it.” Belief in yourself. Belief from someone else. Both very powerful.

So what about you?

Struggling to breakthrough? Are you on your yearly pilgrimage to Failsville?

Admit you need help from a coach, instructor, spouse, friend, or family member. Tell them you can’t do it. Don’t quit. Just admit you can’t do it on your own. Then, listen to their advice. Regroup and hit the board harder and with the correct heel placement. Get your breakthrough.