Listen to your doubters?

Don’t Let your Doubters Crush your Dreams

“Yeah, one, two, princes kneel before you. That’s what I said now. Princes, Princes who adore you. Just go ahead now.”

The Spin Doctors may not have had too many songs hit the top charts, but they did have two. “Two Princes” and “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong.”

Even though the band had a deal with Epic Records, they weren’t given much respect by the label. Epic did very little to promote their first album. Their music eventually reached the ears of an audience who liked what they heard. This audience was loyal and would call radio stations, asking to hear more from the band. “Two Princes” topped the charts at #7 and “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” reached as high as #17 in the US during the final week of 1992.

What does this story have to do with quitting? Where is the lesson on perseverance? You won’t find that in this story. This story has to do with your doubters. The ones who have something negative to say about anything positive you try to do. They don’t think you stand a chance at reaching your goals and go out of their way to step on your dreams.  

Most people say you shouldn’t listen to your doubters or haters. Some people use their words to fuel their fire to succeed. And then there is Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors who used the words intended to crush his dreams and turned them into a song. I saw a tweet Chris posted on his Twitter account.  He mentions his song “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” and it being played on the radio three million times.  He also shared who Little Miss was and the inspiration to write the song.  I was intrigued and inspired! It made me want to find out more.  I found this article on Song Facts that provided more information on the story. Check it out.

Who is Little Miss, and why does he refer to her as a b****. Little Miss can’t be that bad of a person. Little Miss turns out to be Chris’ stepmom. Those relationships can be complicated. But Chris had his reasons to put pen to paper to write this song.  

Chris was forced to drop out of college because she spent his tuition money on a car and a crazy shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue that included lynx and mink coats. You have to admit that’s pretty rough. She didn’t stop there. Little Miss went out of her way to tell him that his dream of becoming a rock star would not come true.  

She told Chris “he would be a guitar-playing janitor and that he would live in the basement of the high school and ‘play guitar for the rats,” Barron told Songfacts.

Considering Little Miss can’t be wrong, well, she was, in fact, wrong. Chris did it. And he had a song that proved to her that he was right.

Don’t listen to those who doubt you. But if you do and those words light a fire inside of you to prove that person wrong, write it down. Use it as motivation to prove them wrong and reach your dreams no matter what!

Article from Songfacts – click here

Chris Barron’s Twitter Account – click here

So what about you?

Who’s been crushing your dreams?  Who is your biggest doubter?  What are the negative things you hear over and over?  Write them down.  Use them as fuel to propel you to success.  Then, stop listening and start believing in yourself!