How to make a YouTube video is the most requested helpful tip I’ve been asked to share during our four years on YouTube.  I have learned a lot about YouTube during those four years and nearly 50 million views on our channel.  My response to this request is, don’t stop at just making a YouTube video, make a great YouTube video.

Thoughtful and well-planned videos are what it takes to grow your YouTube channel.  If you aren’t interested in growth and overall views then just keep recording on the fly and uploading content without much thought.

How to Make a YouTube Video

I recently took the time to write How to Make Great YouTube Videos to Grow your Channel in response to How to Make a YouTube Video.  This free PDF includes seven video segments that are key in planning out your video to maximize your views when you upload and make it public.

The first part of the PDF explains the seven video segments and concludes with a Video Checklist just for you.  Print out the checklist and fill it out before your next video.  Use this tool, and you have just increased your chances to get more views and grow your channel.

I’m happy to share this free PDF with you.  I hope you find the same success we did with our channel as we took our videos from good to great.

How to Make Great YouTube Videos PDF & Video Checklist