A Little About Myself

I love the creative process—all of it. The blank slate before the idea pop’s into existence. Dialing up a trusted friend, hoping they answer so I can share this idea in its most infant of stages. The doubting phase you enter a few weeks later, waffling back and forth attempting to predict the idea’s success rate. The failing period. What will I learn from not giving up and getting past a failure and how did that improve the end product?

I write too. Writing is the very essence of the creative process I talked about in the paragraph above. I need to publish my work so that this portion doesn’t seem so sad. I will when the time is right. For now, those words and stories live in my journal and multiple documents and folders on my computer.

I’m a YouTuber. Yes, one of those. At the channel’s height, it was my full-time job. It was great. People would ask what I do for a living, and I got to say, “I’m a YouTuber.” When my oldest daughter was 10, she had an idea to start a YouTube channel. We worked together to create content, build an audience, and at one point, upload 12 videos a week. The channel has over 130,000 subscribers with over 50 million views. Crazy right? We haven’t posted any new videos in over a year, but we have memories to relive anytime we want.

I host a podcast. The Adazing Podcast. I’m an avid podcast listener so being back behind the mic recording brings me a lot of joy. You can listen wherever you download and stream your favorite podcasts. Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio and more.

If I can inspire or motivate someone to be successful, to quit quitting, to lose weight, to start a blog, to sell a piece of their artwork, to record themself singing or playing music, to run a marathon, to get their degree, to MAKE IT THROUGH THE CREATIVE PROCESS, I’m a happy person.

MYDAAAP – Make Your Day As Awesome As Possible

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