Balance in Art


Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Balance

Balance is one of the key principles of design.  One that we don’t have to forcefully consider but are drawn to naturally.

We slip into virtual reality drawing lines with our eyes slicing a symmetrical picture in half automatically.  It’s one of those natural reflexes we do without thinking.

Photo by langshoots on Unsplash


Asymmetrical art provides a mind game as we solve and separate the differences we find created by the artist.  When we find it, it’s beautiful.

finding balance

Copyright: mikekiev / 123RF Stock Photo


Finding a balance in writing came up in a recent conversation I had with a friend.  You know, finding a balance so that you don’t tip over and fall flat on your face.  Ok not that extreme but the balance of two important things, creating what you love and your audience.

Finding that balance can create harmony when you piece the two together.

finding balance

Find Balance in Creating what you Love and Creating for your Audience

Creating what you love.  Having an audience.  It’s tough to balance when you depend on the opinion of an audience.  It’s one of the first tasks you have as a writer or creator.

An artist that creates what they love = a happy artist.

An artist that can’t find anyone else that loves what they create = an unpaid artist.

An artist who creates what others love enough to buy it = a happily employed artist.

The only way to find your audience is by sharing what you create.  You have to share in order for people to find and appreciate your work.  It’s not the way we have it drawn up in our minds, we create and people come from far and wide just to see what we’ve done.  This isn’t Field of Dreams where if you build it they will come.  This is sharing your work and giving an open invitation with directions on how to find your work.  Oh and that’s day after day no matter who shows up to check it out.

The balance is found when you create what you love and share it with the audience that loves it as much as you do.  That’s the harmony we search for.  Keep creating what you love.  Keep sharing that love so that it can be discovered by those who will support and appreciate what you created.  Create, share, inspire.  It’s real.