ignite your passion
How to Cure Writer’s Block

What do you do when you are staring at a blank screen on your computer when you are supposed to be writing?  No words are coming to mind.  No ideas are flowing.  Fingers rest frozen on the keyboard.  What do you do when the empty paper is begging to be used and filled with words and a story?

The same thing you do when your oven stops working Christmas Eve and the Christmas meal is in jeopardy, borrow the neighbors.  Maybe don’t borrow your neighbor’s writings but borrow what makes their oven work.  A spark.

Identify your writing problem much like diagnosing an oven that stops working.  Is the power on.  Yes.  Does the gas work.  Yes, the stove top works but the oven does not.

Are you ready to write in a good creating space?  Yes.  Have you removed distractions and you’re able to focus on your work?  Yes.

We were finally able to diagnose the problem with the oven.  The oven has an ignition switch serving as a pilot light that lights the oven.  The ignition switch was broken and so was our Christmas tradition of cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning.

The ignition switch is similar to the passion that is needed to start writing.  Without the passion to tell a story or flesh out an idea that is inside of you, there are no results.  Find the passion to write and find your screen and paper covered in words that you can’t type fast enough.  That’s what passion can do for writing.

The Christmas meal was saved by our next door neighbors.  They were going out of town and offered their oven for us to use for the day.  Your writing can be saved too by tapping into what you are passionate about.  Find that subject matter and save yourself from writer’s block.

When you find you can’t write or create, tap into that passion and ignite your writing once again.  Write what you are passionate about, it only takes a spark.


ignite your passion with a spark pic by: Mervyn Chan