Don’t Quit, Get Better


James Altucher Show Ep. 303 – Jeff Goins: Real Artists Don’t Starve.

This was a great episode.  Jeff Goins‘ story and success from 12 subscribers to his blog to writing 4 books and building his own success are inspirational.  I wasn’t one of the 12, but I’m pretty sure I was one of the first few thousand.  I’ve been following him for years now and observing his dedication always motivates me.

I love James’ podcast.  It’s like sitting at a table next to his at a coffee shop where he’s having a conversation with someone.  If you find yourself needing a little extra inspiration James Altucher is the guy.  His personal story about how he pulled himself off the floor, more than once inspired me TO DO.

James and Jeff were talking about an amateur becoming a master.  (around the 48:20 mark) Jeff said, “Nobody is going to believe in you until you do.  I don’t think we fake it ’til we make it but we do believe it ’til we become it.”

He explained that it was an act of faith.  “You see that something is possible you have vision for it but you aren’t there yet and you are humble about it.”

Earlier they had talked about practicing and acquiring skills.   Acting like an apprentice.  “When Michaelangelo started his career he wasn’t that good because we are all not that good when we start out.”

Then James interrupted with an idea as it hit him, “Whenever you start something you love doing you are going to be bad.  And you are going to know it.  Because you love it so much you’ve already studied and appreciated the nuances of the masters and you’ll realize oh my God I am so many standard deviations away from mastership and it’s depressing.  A lot of people, 99% of you will give up.

Jeff then shared Richard Bach’s quote:

A professional is an amateur who never quit.

How true is this?  I had all these flashbacks in my mind to short-lived beginnings of starting something I loved.  Not just giving up but the mimicked bowing down action as I slowly walk away backward whispering “I’m not worthy.”

It’s ok not to be good when you start out.  None of us are.  The question is whether you give yourself the chance to get better.


book pic by: Eli Francis