sharing your idea
“Let Me Tell You What I’m Working On”

Sharing the idea. . . or sharing the completed project?  Which would you rather share?  There are times when it’s more fun to share the idea.  The immediate reaction to your pitch can be amazing.  Why do the hard work of fully creating the idea, just travel around telling people about it? I’m going, to be honest, I don’t have that much experience sharing the completed project over sharing the idea.  It’s just too exciting not to share with friends, family, and complete strangers what you are working on.  I also think that’s in part to being passionate and excited about your work and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I can tell when I’m making great progress on an idea when I’m quiet about it.  I’m not rushing to work it into the conversation and sometimes don’t even share it.  Getting praise and kind remarks on the idea alone also play tricks on my mind into thinking I’ve arrived and the work is done.

The Real Hero in Creativity – Waiting to Share

The few times I’ve been able to share the completed project without anyone really knowing about the idea is 100 times more rewarding.  Waiting to share helps put things into perspective for me when I’m working.  I could spend two hours sharing the idea or two hours working on completing it.

Give it a try.  Hold off on sharing.  Sharing the completed project will be much more rewarding.


excellent pic by: Abdullah Öğük