no choice but to write
No Choice but to Write

Whether you are a New York Times Best Seller or you’re unpublished you share the title of “writer”.  You may think the similarities end there but you share more with a well-known author than you think.

turning proI am on a Steven Pressfield kick right now.  I’m going back through Turning Pro: Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work.  I laugh at the thought that I share anything in common with Mr. Pressfield unless it’s outside of writing.

I was amazed that we do share similarities when it comes to writing.  He wrote about failure under My Years in the Wilderness.  He asked himself some of the same questions I’ve asked myself.  “Why am I doing this?”  “Am I crazy?”

He explained how he answered the question by realizing that he had no choice.  He couldn’t do anything else but write.  Admire your favorite authors.  Learn from them.  Read their work.  Then read it again.  But do so with the understanding that they had to work and endure defeats and setbacks just like you.

This inspired me:

So when I wrote yet another novel or screenplay that I couldn’t sell, I had no choice but to write another after that.  The truth was, I was enjoying myself.  Maybe nobody else liked the stuff I was doing, but I did.  I was learning.  I was getting better.

When you write, do so with honesty and transparency that others may relate and connect with your struggles and success.  I can relate to Mr. Pressfield’s struggles and thanks to his transparency I hope to relate to his success one day as well.

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