sacred space
Create a Sacred Space


“I have to get out of here.”

My creative space, the space I love and set up to give me the best opportunity to write and work distraction-free was suddenly a distraction.


A practice has a space, and that space is sacred.
-Steven Pressfield – Turning Pro


Until this past weekend, I thought the space just needed to be routine and tidy.  Free from distractions, good lighting, access to a power outlet, plenty of desk real estate for stacking journals and notes, and a book spot for your latest reads.  Oh and a coaster.

My creative space has become a writing/work/creative planning/Netflix/Gaming/Surfing the Web space.  This has worked for me in the past but after a long weekend had me announcing to the entire house, “I have to get out of here.”  I was ready to grab my laptop and head to the nearest coffee shop.

Kreatvie Kryptonite – Work Space.

New surroundings are good.  They serve as a reset in your mind and on your current creative space.  Now that I’m writing more I’m going to create a new space just for writing and keep that space sacred.  Creative planning and work will be in a separate space.

Our desks and spaces may be tidy and clean but cluttered with multiple uses that end up being a distraction.  Declutter the space and mind by making your space sacred.

sacred space pic by: David van Dijk