Build Routines that Inspire Motivation

build routines that inspire motivation

Start building routines that will help you reach your goals and inspire motivation.

Avoid the Motivation Bump

Avoid the Motivation Bump

Don’t listen to your doubters or the Doubt Double living inside you. Avoid the Motivation Bump and prove them wrong.

Thursday – EMOT0002


What can you learn about yourself or your approach from a loss or failed attempt?

The correct answer is, a lot. Losses and failures are what successes are built on. You can learn things about your approach from losses too if you take the time to examine why you lost. 

I had so many mistakes and failures in 20 years of weight loss attempts. I built a knowledge of what to expect when starting a new diet or weight loss attempt. I could rely on lessons learned and that’s why I eventually found success.

EMOT 0001 – Purpose – Pull, Not Push

Everyday Motivation emot0001

Purpose. This week’s theme is Pull, Not Push. If your latest challenge requires you to PUSH through, I hope you have the motivation and energy to see it through. If the challenge looks different, maybe it’s because you are on a different side of the door. If you can get it open with a PULL, go for it.