750 Words

750 Words is a great writing tool for you to add to your toolbox.  If you haven’t picked up on a theme yet for writing tools I’ll help you out, Write Daily.  750 Words encourages you to get in the habit of writing three pages a day.  Not meant for editing or censoring during the writing process but emptying your head and letting the words flow.

It’s not blogging or status updating that others will read as this is private.  No need to worry about a catchy blog post title, what category it should fall under, tags, keywords or otherwise spending just as much time making the post live as the actual writing of the post.

Word counts are a way to make sure you are hitting your mark.  Authors have developed their own habits for how many they like to write daily.  250 words per page are the standard accepted number of words per page.  Sit down and add 750 words to a file and you’ve just managed to produce three pages.

There is a point system that serves as motivation as you aim to hit your mark daily.  Write anything at all and you are on the board with 1 point.  Nail the 750 words or more, you get 2 points.  Write in consecutive days and get even more points and try and keep your streak alive.

Learn about yourself in the process.  This is very insightful as it reveals the number of times you were distracted.  Words per minute, total time writing, and time it took to reach 750 are also shown.

writing tools 750 words

Want more stats and colorful pie charts?  750 Words has you covered.

750 words writing tools


Try 750 Words out and learn about your writing habits as you crank out three pages of daily writing.  Click here.