What’s the Number to the Creative Hotline?

I think it’s 1-800-LOL-SOLO.  I searched just in case but only found a Creative Hotlist which is probably the same number.  The number you are looking for is in your favorites on your phone.  It’s the number to the one person you don’t dare call when your project or big idea has stalled out.  It’s also the same number that makes you extremely excited when you receive a call from them.

Friends and peers can be a major motivator.  Have you ever shelled out big bucks to attend a conference and get more out of lunch or dinner with a friend?  Have you ever felt stuck and feel like you are in a fog creatively?  I do all the time.  I jump on the Creative Hotline, end the call and see clearer and inspired to create.

The Real Hero in Creativity – Friends you can call on

I have several friends that fall into this category for me.  I can’t tell you how many times they’ve called to ask a question and I help them while at the same time they challenge and pick me up.  I take full advantage of creative friends who want to “catch up” over dinner only to recharge my creative batteries.  These are people who should be in your favorites on your phone and you reach out to often.  Avoid the crisis call for help when you make time on a regular basis for work accountability, inspirational conversations and sharing your dreams and vision.

I find I’m at my best when I make time for these calls regularly.  Respect their time and schedule a call or lunch.  Even if your good friends you should schedule the time as a meeting. It will trigger the right frame of mind and provide some structure and not feel like you are just hanging out.

Don’t have a person like this that you can count on?  Ask someone you respect or look up to.  Organize your own event with others in a similar place that wants to grow and create more.  One last thing.  You may be the major motivator for several of your friends.  Without them flat out calling you Yoda and crowning you creative master, listen and offer them a sounding board for their own creative space to flourish.

sweet photo by: John-Paul Joseph Henry