What is your Kreative Kryptonite?

I’m not sure Clark Kent or the guy 3 Doors Down from him would answer the question truthfully.  What is your most crippling weakness that if exposed to could cost you your life?  I can see them answering this truthfully in a job interview because of course we reveal our weakest traits and abilities and then say hire me!

What are your creative weaknesses?  What stops the creative juices from flowing and forces the creative process to stop?

The giant green crystal is easily defined as an enemy to arriving at creativity.  You learn over time how to deal with them in a timely manner and still achieve success.  What would be the smaller weaknesses that you would only admit to a complete stranger that could eventually become your boss?

distractions – phone calls, text messages, it’s been 30 seconds since you’ve checked social media, emails, the guy who keeps getting up to get more napkins at the coffee shop, music that you are listening to so that you aren’t distracted.

time – not enough of it, too much of it, a meeting or an appointment

creative space – you need to build a creative spot that is distraction proof, the creative spot you made is no longer distraction proof

horrible organizer – not able to organize your time to maximize creativity

can’t read your own handwriting – how does this even happen as often as it does

We will look at some of these weaknesses moving forward in Kreative Kryptonite.  Until then follow these steps:

Identify the weakness.  Formulate a strategy.  Go back to the interviewer and admit you have a new strength.