Create or don’t create but own the unfinished.  Great ideas are plentiful in a car full of hungry people.  “How about Whataburger?”  “Oh, great idea!”

How great are your ideas?  Your ability to finish should be far better than your ideas.

Tall grass.  Lawnmower.  Mow the grass.  Great idea.

Tall grass.  Lawnmower.  Only mow half the yard.  Wasted effort.  Still a great idea.

Yard work analogy time over.  Great idea, right?  If we had to answer for the unfinished, our project creation rating would be higher.  Or would it?

The unfinished can be zapped from existence Men In Black style with a simple conversation.  Totally forgotten and forgiven.  It never existed.

Is the idea not worth creating anymore or just not worth the effort?  The projects we quit aren’t a reflection of the idea as much as they are a reflection of our effort.


It’s the reason the book we’ve always wanted to write remains unwritten.  It’s the reason why the business we always wanted to start never gets a ribbon cutting event.  It’s the reason why the weight we wanted to lose has to wait until next Monday to start the diet.

Effort is a non-negotiable commitment to not quit until you achieve success.


Create today.  Create now.  Create with effort.


tall grass pic by: Daniel Watson