I’ve tried a lot of To Do lists.  Wunderlist, Todoist, Things, Reminders,, iProcrastinate, Trello and scratch paper.

Want to know which one I recommend?  All of them.  They are all great and all had positives.  I wrote more about To Do List that Works if you would like to know what I use primarily for To Do lists.

There is one that I recommend as a writing tool.  Trello.

Trello allows you to collaborate with others making your lists public or keep them private for your own ideas.

The key to a to-do list working for you is how well you pair with it.  Eventually, you quit using one because the list you make goes unfinished and you stop making new lists.

Trello works for me because I see my tasks easier in the board layout.  I’ve used it to build my daughter’s guinea pigs a home and I’ve used it for filming a video on YouTube.  I have my writing board and an Idea board.  It’s a great tool to use for laying out your ideas and organizing where certain chapters may fit best.

Here’s their Editorial Example:

Trello keeps you organized

Here’s one they customized for Sales Pipeline:

Trello makes for a great writing tool


Trello is a great tool for staying on top of your writing deadlines and an always flexible workflow.  Click here.