anonymous writing

anonymous writing.  the freedom to write pretty much any way you like and not have to sign your name to it.  sigh.

Some days are just for writing in your journal so you don’t have to share or put your name on it.

Sometimes getting out of instant edit mode is necessary.  Your typing speed picks up just a tad.  Your fingers and thoughts get in sync and you are humming right along.

Writing to write not writing to publish or share.  Typing to speak not typing a speech.

Forgetting the Balance in Art and not creating with your audience in mind one bit.  Focusing on emptying yourself of your thoughts and ideas.

Leave the editing behind.  No pausing to make anything you are writing read better.  No checking for errors.  No backspacing because the thought fell off the table.  Keep going.  Type faster.

No apology needed because this is for you.  This is your piece to read.  But wait a few days or even longer to read it.

Anything worth polishing?  Anything worth touching up and sharing?  I often find there are several ideas in my anonymous writing when I’m done.

Find the good, make your edits and then sign your name to it.  But only after going anonymous and getting the most out of your thoughts and ideas.


worth signing your work, pic by: Tycho Atsma