There’s No Substitute for Doing the Work

There really is no substitute for doing the work.  I’ve looked.

Here let me help you.  Want to write a book?  If you spend more time preparing to write than you spend writing you aren’t doing the work.


I’m not talking about research for the book.  I’m talking about the motivational pump ups from podcasts, books, blogs, and conferences.  I know and understand that there are helpful podcasts (I’ve written about them), amazing books to read (I’ve recommended them), inspiring authors to follow and subscribe to (I’ve sung their praise in this blog), blog posts to read (I’ve linked to them) and newsletters (I’m subscribed to some with more than one email account) to make you a better writer and help get you published.

Hear me out on spending time getting better and how it’s no substitute for doing the work.


The books you are reading, the podcasts you are gaining inspiration from are a huge waste of time if the inspiration doesn’t move you to do the work.

I start my day with five to six emails in my inbox with 10 tips, 3 easy ways and 1 big key to how I can write a book in twelve weeks.  I had to start deleting them.  I was reading these tips and then clicking on another link to download their free book to make me a better writer.

The tools, advice, and knowledge you acquire are steps.  If you aren’t careful the steps become a machine.  A stair master circulating over and over with no destination in sight.  The steps and tools to make the job easier are worthless if you don’t use them to do the work.

Let the steps give you the strength to become a better writer and climb the stairs that lead to your first book.  Repeat the process with the next goal in mind and do the work to achieve it.

You deserve to reach the top. Stop substituting training for doing the work.

Do the work.



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steps to strengthen but not substitute pic by: Jake Hills