expiration date.

How far are you willing to push the faint black printed numbers on a gallon of milk? Two or three days? Good until the milk fails the smell test? Two days before the date because you aren’t taking the risk?

Some sift through gallons of milk looking for the EXP with the furthest expiration date at the store.  Others grab the first gallon they see after opening the clear glass door ignoring the EXP completely.

I know there are different groups of people who approach this expiration date differently.  Some treat the gallon of milk like a ticking time bomb ready to explode at midnight.  The jug is removed from the fridge, milk is flushed down the sink, and the house is saved from having sour Fruity Pebbles.

If we were only “sour milk” motivated with other projects or tasks outside of the fridge.

EXP your ideas.  EXP your goals.  EXP your projects.

EXP your tasks of anything having to do with getting the job done!

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