I’m too Distracted to Think of my Distractions

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world without distractions?  NO IT WOULDN’T!  The world would be a single room with a white floor, white walls, white ceiling, no door, no window, nothing.  The color white would get distracting after a few minutes so that’s out.  Learning how to adapt to your Kreative Kryptonite may take time (excuse me while a tap my feet to the soft build of Zorba The Greek by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass).

I listen to music while I work so that I don’t get distracted (one second the record is over and I need to flip to the other side).  I try not to listen to songs and artists I know because then I listen too closely or get lost in the song.  But when I listen to artists I don’t know that well I get distracted when I hear a song I like and want to add it to my playlist.  I’ll take the distractions that come with listening to music because “no noise” is too deafening.  I hear everything and it’s so distracting.

Phone calls.  Text messages.  Time to refresh social media.  The guy who keeps getting up to get more napkins at the coffee shop (no way you need that many napkins).  Truthfully any movement by any person at a coffee shop.

Emails.  The end.  Goodbye productivity.

Kreative Kryptonite – Distractions in general.

When it’s time to create and work on your project, protect that time at all cost.  Treat anything other than the task as a hot stove that if touched will burn you, because it will.  Shut down the email.  Find the right music (probably avoid Zorba The Greek it’s a real toe-tapper).  Set the phone on silent and unless it buzzes the buzz of a million bees don’t flip it over to see who is disturbing your creative time.

Protect your time and avoid the Kreative Kryptonite.  Manage that and you will increase productivity.  Oh and if you really want to accomplish more, take a break and indulge in the distractions.  But set a timer.  Work, reward, work is a great strategy to implement.


vinyl snapshot by: Mark Solarski