Your Process is Uniquely Yours

In the great race to create your process is uniquely yours.  I wrote in Just Start that we are all at our best at the start.  The finish line is something we can relate to much like the starting line.  It’s difficult to draw similarities once the race has started because it’s different for each of us.

The second we leave the starting line behind we are on our own track when it comes to the process.  You don’t want to run in my sweaty shoes and I’m sure your kicks are comfy but I’ll stick to mine.  It’s natural to compare the process to others.  What we are creating is as unique to us as our process.

Our speed is different.  Our technique isn’t the same.  Our preparation for the process also doesn’t appear to be a match.  The obstacles and challenges along the way are all yours.  What trips you up may be easy for me.  My struggles could be your strengths.  The race to create isn’t a course you run for time it’s a course you run to finish.

Embrace the blisters of doubt and fatigue of working late at night.  Each hurdle you clear along the way is all about the process.  Crossing the finish line is worth it and the process that is uniquely yours is something you won’t trade with anyone.


rad racing pic by: Mārtiņš Zemlickis