Inconvenient Battles

Inconvenient battles are easy to win when you see them for what they are.  Inconveniences are only inconvenient until it becomes a habit.  Repeating the inconvenient actions in full frustration and disgust are part of the process.  You’re developing something.  It’s called a habit.  No one likes to be inconvenienced. If you are patient your green skin and raging muscles will slowly disappear until your back to Bruce Banner.

Construction started on the road behind our house where they are building a new school.  They closed the street which cuts our route down by about 2-3 minutes.  Every single time I turned off of our street I automatically started to turn left to use the back road.  Large orange and white railings mocked me proclaiming this shortcut was no longer available.

Without fail upon returning home I would put my blinker on and slow down to use the back road to drive back home.  Road Closed.  I would mumble and complain about what a huge inconvenience this road closure was.  How can they do this to us?  They can’t expect us to do this for 8 months.  This mumbling and complaining lasted about a week.

The road is no longer an option.  I’ve adapted to using a new route and it has become a habit.  I don’t even look left to glare at the orange and white railings.  I avoid reaching for my blinker or begin to slow down as I pass the Road Closed sign.

The inconvenience of starting a diet is telling yourself no repeatedly in the beginning.  Eventually, you stop asking yourself just how bad a doughnut could be because you know the answer.  Now you are living with the understanding that the doughnut is not an option and you have removed the question.

The habit of saying no has replaced the habit of asking the question.

Creating your work and having time for your creative is similar.  Some of us are fighting time to create what we love. The inconvenience of making time for your creative space can be replaced by making time flexible and setting aside time as a daily routine.  Say no enough times to the things that hold you back and you will find the distractions and inconveniences are replaced with beautiful habits that are incredibly productive.

When what you want is no longer an option, how will you create, how will you accept hearing no, how will you react to the disappointment, how will you carry on?

It’s just an inconvenience and now you know how to turn a no into a YES.  Find a new route.


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picture by: unsplash-logoJustin Luebke