hardest part of writing
The Hardest Part of Writing

The hardest part of writing is. . .

convincing yourself that what you have to write, NEEDS to be written.

Get out of your own way and just start.  Don’t waste your creative juice compiling the excuses, use it to fill the page with your words.

That sounds easy but how do I pull that off?

Commit to having a warm-up paragraph.  Getting started is the hardest part of writing according to some people.  Try warming up by knocking out a paragraph to get you going and locked into the mindset of writing.  It takes at least a paragraph to turn off the outside world long enough to hear yourself think.  If you are having a problem getting that paragraph kicked off start with, “what I have to write needs to be written.”  No errors, no backspacing and no publishing of that warm-up paragraph.

Still not convinced you can start?  I believe you can Just Start.

Get out of your own way: Glenn Carstens-Peters