Make Your Day Count By Choosing What’s First

No matter how busy your day may be, you always have a chance to choose what’s first.  Before the first meeting, email, or even your commute, you have a choice.  

Most of the successful people I hear interviewed or read about always talk about their first thing.  They wake up at 5am and spend an hour dedicated to the task of their choice.  It’s always different depending on the person, but if you listen or follow close enough, you will hear what it is. 

Meditation, working out, reading or writing.  Before they start their day with work or checking social media, they spend time on what they chose to be first.  

Workout, read, study, write, strategize, the choice is yours.  What you do first is up to you.  That may require waking up an hour early.  This is your time.  Develop your first choice for each day and develop a system of success and happiness to start each day.

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