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Stop the Spinning Plates, Make ONE Thing a Priority

The start of a new creative work week requires a careful plan of attack.  Creative ideas, tasks, and projects are all vying for your attention.  The current project is never one thing that you are able to devote all of your focus and attention to.  The project or idea is one of four or five projects and tasks that have been started and stopped over and over again. 

I find myself stretched thin running back and forth among projects and ideas.  Each project requires my time and attention to ensure progress isn’t stopped completely.  I feel like I’m in a spinning plate routine. 

Seven projects spinning, all depending on enough time and attention so they can continue their momentum long enough to keep going.  If not, it stops all together crashing and breaking right before my eyes.  

Eventually, I feel so stretched thin I stop.  I’m forced to stop. 

You can become stuck in this routine each and every week running back and forth in between projects.  Before you realize it, zero progress has been made, and you are left wondering what you’ve been doing for the past month.

This is when I decide that I need to stop the routine. 

Stop the spinning plates.  Lay the projects out and rearrange based on priority.  

Maybe some of the projects don’t need my attention right now.  Maybe time spent working on my book should be put on hold.  The time I was giving to writing and research could be focused on building my audience.  I could make more progress building my audience if I’m not stopping to work on my book.

Make ONE thing a priority. 

When I rearrange my projects and invest my time wisely on the things that have more purpose, I win every time.  Make one thing a priority and create in order.

Not only had I completed a task but I got a reward.  The reward wasn’t results based on how well the task or project performed but on the fact that I had created. 

Happiness was the result of what I was able to create. 

I know the same joy is my reward again for creating what makes me happy.  So I choose the next task with the most purpose behind it and create again.


broken plate photo: chuttersnap

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