Mountain of Excuses or Mountain of Motivation

Motivation, we all need it.

We all have mountains we would like to conquer in life.

The height is most intimidating when standing at the foot of the mountain.

Challenges we face in life bring their own set of obstacles.

When we fail to clear the obstacles they become excuses.

We list the reasons why we can’t reach the summit.

Time passes and the mountain is no longer one hurdle but a mountain of excuses to conquer.


motivation of excuses



The largest of mountains in our life takes more than one attempt to conquer.

Learn from the previous attempts and don’t accept failure when walking back down.

Use the knowledge to replace the excuses creating an illusion that the task is impossible.

A mountain of excuses should be traded for a mountain of motivation.

Replace your excuses with what motivates you to get out of the bed in the morning.  Your kids, your family, your career, the type of future you want to have, the way you want to feel at the end of the day, or just to prove others wrong.




Motivation causes you to act in a particular way.  A confident way.  A focused and determined way.

A way that leads to the very top of the mountain.

mountain pic by: Kyle Johnson

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