patience is a superpower
Patience is a Superpower

What is your superpower?  If it’s patience my superpower is jealousy because I would love mine to be patience.  My superpower is Time Travel.  I say that like I gave Abe Lincoln a high five on September 22, 1862, right after he delivered the Emancipation Proclamation.  I say Time Travel is my superpower because I took an online quiz not because I’ve successfully time traveled.

Take the quiz and see what superpower you have.  If it’s time travel then google another superpower quiz because this one is broke!

Here are a few powers:  invisibility, superhuman strength, healing, superhuman endurance, water breathing, invulnerability, time travel (yes!),  night vision, telepathy, superhuman speed, atmokinesis, wall climbing, mind control, intangibility, flying, x-ray vision and eating whatever you want without gaining weight.  The last one doesn’t count but I would trade time travel for it.

I didn’t see patience listed among flying and water breathing but it’s just as impressive in my opinion.  Patience is an attribute we all like to pretend we can summon but wait three minutes in a fast food drive-thru and the only superpower you have is the ability to blow smoke out of your ears in anger.

In the creative space, we are anything but patient.  We want ideas to come at lightning speed.  Waiting for an audience to enjoy your work is painful.  Waiting seems like you are walking backward when you are ready to sprint forward.

An email reply that takes longer than five minutes is punishable by ten text messages demanding the person check their email.  Edits take too long.  Reviews done by others take forever.  No one seems to share the same heightened level of importance as you nor can they match your ultimate passion for the project.

The Real Hero in Creativity is Patience

Be patient.  Practicing patience with the time obstacles of approval and tasks will hone your new superpower when you really need to be patient.

When NO is the answer regarding your project be patient.  When changes are demanded or start over from scratch is the direction you are ordered be patient.  When your dream is just an afterthought by others be patient.

When patience is practiced it produces a better version of you and what you create over time.  If it’s important to you, be patient and it will be important to others as well.  You can do it because your superpower is Patience.  You don’t need an online quiz to tell you that.

patience is my superpower: Muhd Asyraaf