will to succeed
WILL to Succeed

The pen may be more powerful than the sword but the mind can be more powerful than the pen or the sword.  Your WILL to Succeed knows just how powerful your mind can be.

  • When does the mind talk you out of waking up early?
  • When does the mind talk you into staying up late to watch a movie you’ve already seen three times?
  • When does the mind tempt you to eat something, not on your diet?
  • When does the mind subliminally cancel a workout that you are in the car driving to?
  • When does the mind convince you the noise you heard was nothing in the other room so you don’t have to get out of bed?
  • When does the mind override the previous convincing and that noise you heard in the other room was a murderer who broke into your home?

When? Probably a lot.

The WILL to Succeed exists somewhere inside all of us.  Your WILL has a voice but sometimes it’s not the loudest and often times gets drowned out by your mind.

The mind recalls the thoughts, that recall the feelings and emotions that make it easy to choose giving up over pushing forward. You know, instant gratification over long-term commitment.

When I’m tired and I want to stop running during a training run the mighty mind plays its part.

Remember how good it feels to walk and just slow down altogether? Remember there’s always tomorrow and you can work out then.

This isn’t exclusive to running this is for any creative battle being waged inside of you.

Even though the mind is strong and normally gets its way when the heart stands up and speaks the whole body listens.

So here’s what happens next when at the fork in the road of complacency and doing something great. The heart pumps life and beats fast for what’s important. It produces a beautiful soundtrack for the mind as it plays out a heroic battle of not giving up and pressing onward. The mind brings up experiences that you’ve lived and the heart works to paint a picture of what has yet to be done and lived out.

The mind begs you to choose the mediocrity of repeating failures when giving up too soon because it’s scared of the unknown.  But this time the heart wins out and convinces the mind to make the “WILL” mightier than the pen, sword, mind, or heart.

Never underestimate the “WILL” to succeed.  Next time you either “WILL” or you won’t.


Stop listening to why we can’t and start listening to our heart and passion giving us the WILL to succeed.  Kreative Kryptonite halts all of our progress.  What is your Kreative Kryptonite?

path pic: Jens Lelie

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