how good is your idea
How Good is your Idea? Create it and find out.

How good is your idea?  The idea could be an idea for a book.  The idea could be one that you came up with to make your life better at home.  An idea to seal the bag of chips so you never taste another stale chip at home ever again.  Maybe the idea is bigger.  Maybe it could impact others and create a better way of life for the general public.  No matter the scale, your idea is good.

Would you like to know how I know your idea is good without ever hearing or seeing it?

Because if you sit on that idea for any length of time you will eventually come face to face with that idea and not be the creator.

“No way, I had the same idea!”

“I was going to do that!”

“Hey, I just had to call you real quick.  Remember that idea I told you about?  Someone else made it!”

You thought of it.  So did someone else.  But they made it happen.

Be more than the dreamer.  Be more than the one with a vision for the idea.  Be more than the one with the good idea.  Be the creator.

If you’ve tried to be the creator before and encountered setbacks, you can still find success.

how good is your idea: Erik Witsoe

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